Fire Restoration

After a fire, restoration works should only be carried out by professionals. There are many types of fires which produce different types of residue that will require specialist removal. Speed is of the essence as soot is acidic and if left can stain beyond economic repair.

The fast response of our dedicated Fire Damage Restoration Team ensures secondary damage is prevented. Once instructed an experienced and highly trained member of our Fire Damage Restoration Team will be sent out to you. On arrival a full survey is completed and the remedial works can then begin. This will include the removal & disposal of all affected items and smoke de-contamination works will commence. Once we have finished the de-contamination works we will Ozone the property. This process removes all soot residues and the smell of fire from the air, walls and floors. Envirotank Herts Limited use very modern methods for fire de-contamination such as high pressure cleaning to remove soot residue not liquid cleaning, saving time and causing far less damage.

Flood Restoration

Water damage can be caused from a burst water tank or leaky pipe to local flooding from heavy rainfall. As soon as we are instructed our office will dispatch one of our friendly, experienced flood restoration technicians immediately.

Upon arrival our technician will carry out a full site survey to evaluate the damage. First and foremost the key to dealing with any flood is to remove standing water as soon as possible to prevent secondary damage. The next step for us it to start the removal of all affected materials (carpets, skirting boards, plasterboard etc). Once this is complete we put the drying plan into operation. Dehumidifiers and fans are placed in position and the drying process will begin. Envirotank use refrigerant, desiccant humidifiers and speedy dryers, therefore maximising drying times.

One of our technicians will regulary visit the property to keep a close eye on the drying process and will take surface, depth and hygrometer box readings with specialist protimeter reading equipment. Once the readings are back to normal a drying certificate will be issued to certify that the property is back to its pre-damaged state and re-furbishment will commence.

Cleaning Service

Envirotank offer a cleaning service for both commercial and residential properties.

We have a ‘truckmount’ which is a van based industrial carpet cleaner so we only need to take the hose into your house, shop or factory. This powerful unit holds its own water and provides much better carpet cleaning results than the more traditional methods.

Our deep clean service includes, as the name suggests, a full deep clean from top to bottom of your property.